I'll Have A Number Ten With Extra Force
by Cody Barnett

As the Star Wars: Trading Card Game prepares for the nineteenth expansion - the Sith subset of the Legacy of the Force series - players prepare for new cards that will certainly change the scope of gameplay. Each new set brings new additions into the card pool that inevitable produces more interplay between the cards.

These interactions, known as "combos," always add a new fun-filled flavor to the current playing environment. In this article, we will examine a few combos currently available for players - and then we will look at a new combo that the Sith set will introduce!


1. Probot + Alliance with the Sith

In the days of Revenge of the Sith, Mas Amedda (A) and Probot proved a potent combo. However, the Mandalorian subset introduced a new card to play off of Probot's susceptibilities. Alliance with the Sith allows the player to put 1 damage counter on one of his or her units in order to also put 1 damage counter on one of the opponent's units. This can be a tremendous advantage for the player utilizing the Resource. Probot naturally gives you an even greater opportunity. When you put 1 damage counter on Probot for Alliance with the Sith, Probot "explodes," allowing you to draw 5 cards. Since Probot only took 1 damage, you only have to return 1 card from your hand to the top of your deck - effectively netting you 4 cards! On top of that, you can put 1 damage counter on any unit your opponent has in play. Since you are "putting" damage counters on unit, this can't be prevented. This makes a great counter against units with abundant damage prevention (Mace Windu (A), for instance) or against Stealth units.

This combo gets even better with cards that play off the top of your deck, since you select the card you return as per Probot's requirement. Try your hand with cards such as General Maximillian Veers (B) or Hunter Becomes the Hunted.



2. Sith Master and Apprentice (A) + Force Punch

The Republic at War and Invasion of Naboo sets provided tremendous support to the Dark Jedi/Sith faction in the game. Force Punch, a staple in any aggressive Dark Jedi/Sith deck, proves even more beneficial with the unique Sith unit Sith Master and Apprentice (A). Sith Master and Apprentice (A) gains +2 power each time you play a Battle card. Playing a Force Punch not only slaps the defending unit with 2 damage, but it also potentially increases the damage output Sith Master and Apprentice (A) will deal out! Force Punch is a handy tool for circumventing pesky abilities such as Armor and Parry. Aggressive Sith decks will surely utilize this powerful combo.


3. Communications Disruption + Guidance from the Chancellor

One of the Dark Side's most notorious combos stems from a card released in the Invasion of Naboo set. Communications Disruption taps one of your opponent's units each time he or she draws a card. In order to get the maximum effect, you naturally should force your opponent to draw cards! What better way to accomplish this than by using Guidance of the Chancellor? Guidance of the Chancellor allows you to sack your opponent's hand and force them to replenish the cards you just discarded, thus triggering Communications Disruption's powerful effect. Some player also use Alter the Deal with this combo, but I prefer Guidance of the Chancellor because of the cheaper price and the potential for you to sack your hand if you have a bad draw.

This combo works well in conjuction with the now-restricted Price of Serenity. When your opponent taps his or her best unit with Communications Disruption, simply play Price of Serenity to discard that unit and potentially cause your opponent to draw two more cards! In addition, this combo fits in splendidly with the new Mandalorian mill strategy. Guidance of the Chancellor fuels your opponent's discard pile while also dwindling down his or her deck.


4. Han Solo (I) + Modified Blaster Pistol

Han Solo (I) - the "chain gun" unit - has always been a favorite for avid Light Side players. His unique untap ability can wreak havoc against big units and swarms alike. The Bounty Hunter subset of Legacy of the Force gives this old smuggler some new tricks, however. Han Solo (I) with a Modified Blaster Pistol attached will be swinging at your opponent with 8 power, Accuracy 1, and Overkill - all with the potential to untap! Another fun Equipment for Han Solo (I) is Wrist Gauntlets from the Bounty Hunter subset. This Equipment gives the smuggler a plethora of options that will make his "chain gun" ability even deadlier.


5. General Carlist Rieekan (B) + Hit and Run

The Battle of Hoth expansion introduced a new strategy for Rebel decks, a strategy epitomized by General Carlist Rieekan (B). This strategy invoked the guerrilla tactics used by the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. General Carlist Rieekan (B) allows you to exchange one Rebel unit in any arena for a Rebel unit in the build zone. This becomes fairly effective when played correctly. Use Hit and Run on a heavy-hitting Rebel unit - Luke's X-wing (B) or Alliance Assault Craft, for instance. Then use the general's ability, retreating a cheap unit - I like using Rebel Defense Team - and bringing the heavy-hitter back into the arena for another attack! This combo also works great with Ice Caverns. The units you retreated with the general's ability can tap and do 1 damage from the build zone during your next build step!


6. Wedge Antilles (B) + Obi-Wan's Speeder Bike (A) + Brutal Assault

Wedge Antilles (B) has always been one of the best Pilots in the game. No doubt the Corellian has many tools that he can utilize to shatter the Dark Side's backbone. One such combo involves Obi-Wan's Speeder Bike (A) from the Republic at War set and the Sith Rising Battle card Brutal Assault. Play Brutal Assault on Obi-Wan's Speeder Bike (A) being Piloted by Wedge Antilles (B) and you'll have an 11 power, Accuracy 1 unit swinging away at your opponent. Even the dreaded Patrol Mode Vulture Droid shudders at the thought! Additionally, since Wedge Antilles (B) prevents 2 damage - any damage! - that the speeder would take, the recoil damage from the Battle card simply disappears. Your opponent will have a hard time surviving that devastating offensive and then an even more difficult time breaking past the combo's amazing defenses.


7. Luke Skywalker (S) + Visions of the Future

Many fans anticipated a heavy-hitting Luke Skywalker in the Independent Development Committee's Battle of Endor expansion, and our card development team did not disappoint. Luke Skywalker (S) pounds away at the opponent with unpreventable damage, something his father epitomized well in Revenge of the Sith's Darth Vader (R). However, Luke Skywalker (S) can also gain Critical Hit 2 against units for the cost of 1 corruption counter. An obscure Battle card from Empire Strikes Back makes this card even better. Visions of the Future prevents the damage from your attacking unit and untaps that unit. However, since damage from Luke Skywalker (S) can't be prevented, you merely just untap Luke Skywalker (S) for another attack!

Visions of the Future can alternatively be used with other cards such as Alliance Assault Craft or Alliance Assault Fleet. Players wanting to use the timeless Tusken deck could even throw this combo card in with A'Sharad Hett (A), a card that might just become more popular after the Sith set's release...


8. Cad Bane (A) + I Work Alone

The Bounty Hunter subset introduced some truly great cards that make Neutral decks much more viable in a traditional white-and-black game. Star Wars's new bounty hunter, Cad Bane, received plenty of love in this new subset. Cad Bane (A) particularly strikes fear in all players who see the Duros spring up across the table. What makes the unit so potent is the Battle-card fetching ability. In conjuction with I Work Alone, another new card from the same subset, the Character becomes a chaotic frenzy. I Work Alone is quickly becoming the most popular - and most powerful - Battle card produced by the Independent Development Committee. Although the drawback looks limiting, having only one unit in an arena typically isn't a problem with big guys such as Cad Bane (A). Double Strike should not be taken lightly, especially in conjuction with Overkill and Critical Hit. This combo has the potential to clear the Character arena in one turn!

9. Stinger (B) + Concussion Missiles

Since the Independent Development Committee started a campaign to improve the playability of Equipment, this once-ignored card type has rapidly become one of the most popular cards in the game today. The success in this strategy proved to be in implementing Equipment interactions on the cards themselves while also improving the quality of the Equipment produced. Stinger (B) gives us a good example. Equipped with Concussion Missiles, Stinger (B) will be packing a hefty Stun 3. Not many of the mass produced Starfighters so typically encountered in this game could deal with -3 power. Stinger (B)'s ability, however, is what makes the combo so great. Before attacking, Stinger (B) can do 1 damage - 1 damage that can't be prevented! - to each slower unit in the Space arena. Each of those units will likewise suffer from the -3 power that this combo produces! Attach even more Concussion Missiles to deal with heavier units.


10. General Grievous (E) + Sith Sword

Now we look at a new card from the Sith set in conjuction with a notorious older card. When Republic at War was released, many players were up in arms over General Grievous (E), feeling the card would certainly break the game. However, the Independent Development Committee's playtesting team did an outstanding job balancing this card. In fact, General Grievous (E) has largely slipped under the radar since the initial stir created.

The Sith set just might see the return of the general with the new combo available to him. The new Sith Sword Equipment, available for both Ground or Character units, gives the attached unit Fury 3; in addition, a Dark Jedi or Sith also gains +1 power each time that card uses a Force activated ability. Thus, when General Grievous (E) uses his ability to untap for having Equipment attached, he gains an additional +1 power from Sith Sword until the end of turn!

Players should also consider using Sith Master and Apprentice (B) with this combo; the Ground unit gives +2 power and Fury 2 to a Sith with an Equipment attached. That would give General Grievous (E) 8 power, Fury 5, and the ability to untap - this time attacking with an additional +1 power! The combo becomes even more fun if Sith Master and Apprentice (B) also has a Sith Sword attached.


Each of those combos presented are now in your hands. Order up!




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About the Author
Cody Barnett has been a collector of the game since its beginning in 2002. Due to lack of interest in his community, however, he did not begin playing until he joined the Rebelbasers online community in 2003. He is an avid Star Wars fan and thoroughly enjoys playing the Trading Card Game; likewise, Barnett takes pleasure in helping the continuation of the game he loves. Currently, Cody is the Card Development Chairman and a moderator on the Rebelbase community (under the alias of Grand Moff Nicodemus Fett).

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